Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR) 2023: 6th – 7th November 2023

MAHE Student Research Forum

Overview : MAHE Students' Research Forum (MAHESRF) is an active body, dedicated to develop and inculcate the research interest among students of MAHE (MAHE). MAHESRF was embodied in October 2013 and it is functional under the aegis of Directorate of Research (DoR), MAHE, Manipal. It is comprised of students (undergraduates & postgraduates) and research scholars of the constituent institutions of MAHE. This student centric academic forum work towards the consistent professional development of the student community of the university through numerous activities. These activities involve students from all the constituent institutions, research centers and divisions of MAHE situated at various campuses of the university, through collaborative efforts. This year MAHESRF has three primary events namely; Research Poster Competition (RPC) during MAHE Research Colloquium (MRC), Summer Training Program and Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR), earlier known as International Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research. These events will primarily involve academic lectures and talks, poster and oral competitions based on original research, workshops etc..

Scope : The research activities through MAHESRF make a significant contribution to MAHE's objectives of creating and imparting research-based knowledge. Besides promoting student research projects and entrepreneurship, MAHESRF serves as a foundation towards university-based-start-ups and skill-based certification programmes. MAHESRF through DoR also circulates the significant research-oriented information (scholarships/fellowships, R & D proposals/grants, conferences, symposiums, internships, project-based courses etc at India or, abroad) among the students of MAHE.