MAHE Student Research Forum  

Directorate of Research

The Directorate of Research (DoR) at MAHE (MAHE), nurtures and promotes research activities of global standards. It contributes towards advancement in research of many disciplines, thereby improving yield in terms of grants, research innovation, intellectual property and high-quality research publications.

Chief Advisor

Dr H Vinod Bhat
Vice Chancellor

Directorate of Research (DoR) Advisors

Dr. N. Udupa,
(Health Sciences)
MAHE, Manipal.
Dr. Satish Shenoy B,
(Technical & Management Sciences)
MAHE, Manipal.
Dr. Bharti Chogtu Magazine,
Deputy Director-Research
(Health Sciences)
KMC,MAHE, Manipal.
Dr. Santhosh KV,
Deputy Director-Research
(Technical Sciences)
MIT, MAHE, Manipal


(a) Dr Usha Nayak, Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, MCOPS, MAHE, Manipal

(b) Dr Prema KV, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MIT, MAHE, Manipal

(c)Dr. N. Manikandan, Associate Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, SOAHS, MAHE, Manipal

(d)Dr P Kalyana Chakravarthy, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Dentistry, MCODS, MAHE, Manipal